Writing Playlist: Ghostpocalypse

Hello friends!

I would like to introduce my work in progress, Ghostpocalypse (working title). I am about 50K in, and here is my pitch so far:

Three years ago, the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds thinned, and now any old human can see ghosts. Former actress Frances and her vampire best friend Jeremy start a YouTube channel dedicated to showing people how to disperse their neighborhood spirits. As their fame spirals out of control, Frances must face the death that made her stop acting in the first place—and the spirit she let go.

As with any new project, I set to work at creating a playlist to get me in the writing mood. Finding songs that are about ghosts and haunting that aren’t depressing is quite a task! My playlist so far is short, but jam packed with songs that get me typing. If you would like to listen to all of these, you can find my Spotify account here. Without ado, the songs:

  • King of the Clouds/ Panic! At The Disco

  • Wake Up And Smell The Coffee/ The Cranberries

  • Absinthe/ IDK How But They Found Me

  • Heat of the Summer/ Young the Giant

  • Live a Little/ Florrie

  • Centuries/ Fall Out Boy

  • Haunting/ Halsey

  • Nightmare/ Halsey

  • still feel/ half-alive

  • Heavydirtysoul/ Twenty One Pilots

  • My List/ The Killers

  • Call It Fate, Call It Karma/ The Strokes